Отзывы сотрудников компании, Нидерланды, работа в booking com отзывы сотрудников.

Отзывы сотрудников компании Booking.com, Нидерланды

Spend the day working on your projects & meeting stakeholder.

Finish the day around 6.

Working conditions are really good, colleagues are there to support you, and vice versa: both professionally and privately.

Productivity is ever greater as it is to a house full of friends that you go to every day, not just work.

Bearbeiten und Lösen von Kundenproblemen und Beschwerden.

Betreuung und Hilfestellung bei der Verwaltung der Kundenkonten.

Prüfen, Korrigieren und Genehmigen von Neuanmeldungen auf der Booking.com Webseite.

Le plus grande site de voyages au monde

Avec plus de 1 million d'hébergements dans le monde entier, vous trouverez forcément la maison de vacances ou l'hôtel idéal

Des offres et des prix incroyables, pour tous les budgets

Annulation GRATUITE sur la plupart des hébergements

Un service de confiance disponible dans 43 langues, 24h/24 et 7j/7

Aide en ligne est l'une des raisons pour lesquelles plus de 1 million de voyageurs nous ont recommandés à leurs proches le mois dernier

The last job in booking, exhausting, learned that you have to pay attention to the time and speed, without quality.Stressful, not have time to socialize with colleagues, time control, the best is partner satisfaction.

pointing me out as a liar while sticking to the “ Your word against my word “ battle. I obviously was very much surprised by how this company chooses to view her emplöoyees which are nothing but a number, and its pointless to mention that i lost this battle for keeping my job alive. My point is, do not waste your time on their customer service call centers, they treat you like slaves work wise and personally. your voice will not be heard, your hard work do not count and some team leaders are biased and will twist the truth in an unimaginable ways to get what they want, justified or not.

Plus – The salary is extremely low considering your hard work and tasks.


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